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The most important requirement is a positive attitude towards quality management, i.e. the willingness to actually use the feedback results by taking consequences and eliminating deficits. If project participation is imposed from the hospital's responsibles, the collected data often remain useless. It is of vital importance that all people who take part in QUIPS are convinced of its benefit and to underline that the project is about their own data, their own patients and their own quality. It is absolutely necessary to eliminate the suspicion that one department secretly collects data of another department in order to assess them.

In addition to including the responsibles of the departments of anesthesia, nursing and surgery, the approval of the hospital direction should be obtained. If possible, the physiotherapy department as well as the hospital's pharmacy should be included. Sometimes, informing the staff council is also a sensible precaution to prevent misunderstandings which are likely to occur when comparisons are done.

The infrastructural requirements are relatively low. Apart from a web-enabled computer, no additional technical equipment and no interface to the hospital's information systems are necessary.
But more important than the technical requirements are the personnel ones. As already mentioned, the collection of data (distribution, explanation and collection of the questionnaires) has to take place under standardized conditions. However, the time needed for this is short. Only 5 minutes per patient are necessary when only the outcome parameters are collected. In case the process parameters are also to be collected, additional 5 - 10 minutes should be arranged for. We know from experience that no more than 60 to 90 minutes per day are necessary for 5 - 6 wards.


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