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The main objective of QUIPS is to improve postoperative pain therapy by collecting data on pain treatment quality outcomes, analyzing them and sending an immediate feedback to the participating hospitals. As a sufficient monitoring of symptoms can contribute to reducing the length of stay - and thus increase patient satisfaction - the QUIPS project focuses on outcome quality from the patients' point of view.

Way of proceeding

On the first postoperative day, a bedside registration of several outcome quality parameters (pain intensity, functional impairments, side effects) as well as of selected clinical-demographic data takes place.


QUIPS can be carried out in operative centers of any size. Neither a minimum number of beds nor a broad variety of surgery is necessary. As a valid data collection is of utmost priority, the modular participation package includes a detailed training course and written guidelines on the standard operating procedures. The project was designed without industrial support and was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMGS) within the BIG project. The steering committees of the German association for anesthesiology and intensive care (DGAI) and of the professional association of German anesthesiologists (BDA) decided in 2005 to take over the patronage of this project, ensuring not only the project's continuity after the BMGS funding expired but also the setup of a Germany-wide benchmark project in post operative pain treatment.
Since autumn 2007, the German association for surgery (DGCH) as well as the professional association of German surgeons (BDC) have been cooperating with QUIPS. Thus, a sustainable and non-commercial implementation of the project is ensured and an extensive platform for discussions on interdisciplinary clinical and nursing questions is made available.


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